-Why should I buy from you?
We keep our prices competitive so that we can provide you with the cheapest products around. We keep lines of communication open via live chat, and quick email responses so that we can maintain the best customer support possible. Got a question? We are here to help!

-I just ordered (insert product here), and I was wondering when it would be delivered?
This is a tricky one, but one we get asked almost everyday. Here at PurchaseNeopoints, we know that nobody likes to be kept waiting. For that reason, we send things out as soon as we possibly can. If we have the product readily available and are online, sometimes your order will take only a minute or two. If we have to get it onsite or if we are not online at the time, it may take a little longer.

-Why the wait? Many testimonials say they got their items within minutes!
There are TWO of us running this site, and we cannot be online 24/7. If we are online, the wait should be no longer then 5-30 minutes! You can tell if we are via the livechat panel in the bottom right hand corner. We are both either in school, or working, or both. But we literally wake up and go to sleep filling orders, so we will get you your products, there’s no doubt about that! 🙂

-I see a mistake/incorrect image on the website. What should I do?

Let us know! Report it via chat, or email us at support@purchaseneopoints.org. We will fix it as soon as we can, and also reward you with a FREE random unbuyable item!!

-If I get frozen, will I be refunded?
We recommend you read our section on how to buy safely. We have many, many testimonials from happy customers in the past. However, it IS against the official rules of Neopets.com to buy items, so we do NOT offer refunds in the exceedingly rare chance that anything should happen. In the 1 or 2 times something has happened, we have worked with the customer to sort it out and set them up with a replacement of sorts.

-Do you do custom Orders?
Yes, of course! We don’t have everything listed on the site, so if you are looking for something you don’t see, please get in touch with us. You can reach us by submitting a ticket via the “contact us” form, or our skype (purchaseneopoints)
We will get back to you with a price quote asap.

-My question isn’t listed here!!
If you have further questions, please email us or get in touch via the live chat and we will do our best to answer you.

Thank you!