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How to Buy Safely

The Basics

  • When buying pure Neopoints, please create junk trades after you pay. We can offer a max of two million per lot, so please set up the right amount of trades. If you buy three million, you need two trades, ten million requires five trades, etc.
  • If you purchased items, please make sure your inventory is clear. If you have more than 50 items, we will not be able to send anything to you until it’s emptied.
  • As a courtesy, we ask that if you purchase a large amount of items (10xsneggs, lab map, etc) that you please put a few junk trades. It’s much easier and just as safe.

When Buying Neopoints/Items

What to DO

  • Put the items in your Safety Deposit Box/Bank for safe-keeping.
  • Put the items in your gallery if your accounts looks like one that would be able to afford those items.
  • Slowly sell off the items you’ve purchased, if that’s your plan.
  • Lay as low as you can so that you don’t draw any unwanted attention to your account.
  • Paint or morph your pet if you’ve purchased some of our Morphing Potions or Paint Brushes; this should be absolutely fine on any account.

What NOT to do

  • Do not immediately attempt to advertise the newly-acquired items on the Neoboards.
  • If you purchase many items, do not put them all up in the Trading Post at the same time. 

When Purchasing New Main Accounts

What to DO

  • Lay low for a bit so you don’t draw any unwanted attention from TNT. 
  • Immediately change the email on the account, and then change the password a few days later
  • Change the name, gender, and location if needed, and consider adding a new layout or Userlookup!

What NOT to do

  • Do not start chatting and selling from the account immediately after purchase. Consider taking a few days or weeks before becoming more active. 
  • Do not Change the email and password too soon. You should slowly change the information on the account.

Buying an account or an item has inherent risk. But because TNT relies on a report-based system, following these steps should help keep your new purchase safe. Feel free to message us with any questions or concerns about securing your items or accounts!

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